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Our advisory and investment services can be tailored to our clients depending on their needs and goals.

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Service Offerings
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Areas of Expertise

Service Offerings

Tailored strategies

Our advisory and investment services are tailored to our clients depending on their needs and goals. While we generally separate our services into three categories, our clients sometimes take advantage of multiple strategies.

Private fund management

We manage multiple private limited partnerships, providing clients with direct access to a range of alternative investments.

Separate account management

We offer separate accounts for larger clients who require a tailored approach to asset allocation.

Outsourced CIO services

We can work with larger family offices and institutional investors that are seeking to outsource investment sourcing, asset allocation and due diligence. (CIO: Chief Investment Officer)

Investment criteria

Alternative advantage

Our team has a robust investment pipeline based on long-standing relationships. With an intentional geographic focus on regions of U.S. with less efficient markets (Rocky Mountains, Midwest, Southwest), we make private investments across multiple asset classes that deliberately focus on downside protection while targeting higher-than-market rates of return.

Our investment strategy seeks to provide absolute returns with reduced market volatility. We manage alternative partnerships that perform differently from traditional investment methods, like stocks or ETFs. Our investments seek to provide absolute returns while minimizing volatility. We invest in real assets and other investments using an opportunistic, outside of the box approach, that drives returns and manages downside risk.

Areas of Expertise

Points of distinction

Energy: Direct ownership of minerals and oil and gas royalties. Similar to real estate, minerals exist in perpetuity and can be income producing. We continually evaluate opportunities in other energy sectors, including wind, solar, geothermal and nuclear.

Real Estate: Development and value-add opportunities in capacity constrained markets, such as mixed-use, retail, self-storage, hospitality, multi-family, and industrial.

Private Credit: Short-term secured purchase order and accounts receivable, factoring for small and medium size businesses, as well as bridge loans and hard money loans secured by real assets.

Precious Metals: Direct ownership of segregated and allocated gold and silver bullion, stored in third-party, independent storage facilities.

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